Mid-Season Invitational betting guide: Picking the best of the best around the world

The Mid-Season Invitational is an annual tournament held by Riot Games where the #1 seed of each major region face off against one another to test their skills. Since 2015, the tournament has gained worldwide acclaim as some of the most elite League of Legends players of all time from Faker to Uzi have lifted the trophy as they represent their team and region. In reading this guide, you will learn the basics of this illustrious annual tournament as well as where and how you can bet on all the live action.

Cream of the crop

The Mid-Season Invitational is a yearly League of Legends tournament that takes place in between the Summer and Spring splits of every region. During the first split of any League of Legends season, the number one ranked team of each major region (South Korea, China, Southeast Asia, North America and Europe) get automatic placing into the final brackets.

The best team from each smaller region (Vietnam, Brazil, Turkey, Latin America North/South) compete in a playoff format for the last two spots over the course of the week that will eventually join the bigger regions in a round robin group stage format. After every team plays each other twice in the round robin stage, the top four teams face off in a single elimination playoff bracket that decided the winners and losers of the tournament.

Through in-game fundraising from digital skin sales as well as money put in by Riot Games, the winner of the tournament can take home up to $530,000 USD for placing in first. Last year, Riot raised over 1.3 million in prize pool funds for the 14 teams that participated in the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational.

A tournament filled with surprises

The first edition of the tournament started in 2015 where a stacked EDward Gaming roster pulled off a major upset by unseating SK Telecom as the most dominant team of the tournament and taking the trophy in a drama filled 3-2 series.

Faker and his team of elite League of Legends pros would remember this heartbreak for years to come as SK Telecom came storming back in 2016 as one of the most dominant rosters in MSI history. Also in 2016, North America had their highest international tournament placing in history as Counter Logic Gaming came to the forefront and eliminated Flash Wolves in the Semi Finals. Although their run was iconic, the tournament would eventually go to the hands of the favorites in 2016 and the year after as SK Telecom became the first ever back to back MSI champions with two completely different rosters.

2018 was once again a new chapter in the long standing dominance of Koreans in League of Legends eSports as Royal Never Give Up became the second Chinese team to dethrone the Korean favorites in the Finals. Following this lost, many were questioning the paradigm shift of power from Korea to China heading into the World Championships later in the year. Before the tournament, Korea’s #1 seed KING-ZONE DragonX were widely regarded as the best team in the game with their impact players at virtually every position. Royal Never Give Up has legacy players of their own, though, as Uzi, Xiaohu and Karsa pushed their way past all expectations to upset the Korean juggernauts on one of the biggest international stages.

Maximizing options

When finding the best route to betting on the Mid-Season Invitational tournament, and tournaments like MSI, the market for fair, varied and bountiful live betting options for League of Legends and many other eSports is bigger than ever before. Below you can find some of the best and user friendly options for MSI live betting and MSI live streaming:


For live betting options accompanied by a live stream that captures all the action, it’s hard to find a better option than the sleek interface and user friendly settings of esportsbetting.com. This website is commonly used as a one stop shop kind of website that has all the perks and options for MSI live betting, as well as having streaming capacity for MSI live streaming whenever a big tournament is taking place. When it comes to live bets, esportsbetting.com is unparalleled in their options and odds.


When looking into making a new foray into the realm of eSports betting, Betway is typically the first choice for new bettors with an understanding for the game. Betway regularly offers amazing incentives for first time users that don’t require personal information at the first try. On top of that, Betway offers an excellent arrangement of competitive Mid-Season Invitational odds and live betting options that aren’t as prevalent on other websites. While most betting sites boast user friendly interface and simply layouts for their odds and bets, Betway is a cut above the rest when it comes to sampling the entire eSports genre and should be looked into as a quality first choice.

Picking winners everytime

In the lore of League of Legends eSports history, it was always clear that if you wanted to pick a winner in League of Legends, you should always go the Korean route. As a region, Korea has steadily been the most dominant of the major regions for competitive LoL as they have captured five of the last seven World Championships to date. The reason for that run of success is due to the insane culture of practicing every day and synthesizing strategy of the game at a higher level than basically every other region.

In their heyday, Korea was lauded for their abundant amount of Starcraft II pros that consistently worked harder and won more than their North American or European counterparts. The players of that Starcraft generation grew older and eventually grew into coaching roles for the same organizations that run League of Legends teams, and the infrastructure alone has been one of the major building blocks of Korea that make them the consistent powerhouses that they are. Teams like SK Telecom, Kingzone DragonX and Gen. G are all traditional eSports teams in Korea that have achieved the highest accolades in LCK on more than one occasion. In recent years, teams like Griffin and Afreeca Freecs have made their way up the rankings as more consistent squads that lack the starpower of the aforementioned teams in the region.

Regardless of stature for their specific leagues, the true decider in who will win each tournament upon arrival is always based on form. Some teams have all the makings of a champion but if the playstyle of the meta isn’t in their favor for that specific tournament, you will see uncharacteristic mistakes and problems from those teams that make it hard to adapt and even harder to win. The easiest way to gauge these changes is by staying up to date on each team and their insiders within the team and the league itself that make it easier to decipher who will be on top, and who may flop.

Now more than ever, the stakes are high for Chinese LoL teams as they have adopted a lot of the infrastructure that Korea prides themselves on, and their most recent string of results at MSI and Rift Rivals are an indicator that the tides may be changing in competitive League of Legends once and for all.