Overwatch League betting: Understanding the OWL and how to bet on live games

In it’s inaugural season, Blizzard has shown an initiative for competitive esports atmospheres like no other company has before with their official launching of the Overwatch League. Since its inception, the Overwatch League has been home to the most high level competitive Overwatch action bringing together former winners of the APEX tournament as well as the brightest talent from the Overwatch Contenders teams.

In this guide, we will track the history of the Overwatch League to date as they make bigger plans to expand in Season Two, as well as highlight all the options at your disposal to get in on the action and participate in Overwatch League betting with the vast amount of third-party betting services and streaming services available.

A League in the making

The Overwatch League is less than a year old, but the ambition of the project itself came together with a long term outlook for the health and continuity of Overwatch competitive play for years to come. At the beginning of the season, the Overwatch League started with 10 teams centered around different cities ranging from Shanghai to London and Los Angeles.

Several of the teams were already established within competitive Overwatch, such as the Dallas Fuel, who were formerly known as Team EnvyUs. Upon rebranding, Dallas added a few pieces to the core group of Team EnvyUs as they charged into a new competitive season of Overwatch. This same blueprint was utilized by many other teams like London Spitfire and Seoul Dynasty who maintained a certain group of players as they added role players in order to have in-team practices.

The Overwatch League’s popularity had an initial boom at the start of the season, and has maintained a steady following of about 120k viewers over the different language broadcasts as the season has progressed. The Overwatch League season is a long and arduous one as teams play four, five week stages that results in each team playing twice over any given weekend. At the end of every stage, a Stage Playoff takes place where the top four teams of the Stage participate in a mini elimination style tournament where the winner takes home a cash prize of $25,000 USD for the stage. A team winning all four stages of the Overwatch League has the possibility of making 150k+ before entering the end of the year playoffs.

At the end of the season, the top six teams over the course of the four Stages square off in the ‘Grand Playoff’ format where 1st and 2nd seed attain first round byes like the NFL. The remaining top four seeds square off in the quarterfinals as they fight their way up the ladder to eventually place in the Grand Finals, where the winner of the Overwatch League takes home a grand prize of $1,300,000 USD for their city and organization.

In Season Two, Overwatch has confirmed plans to add six new teams and cities as part of their expansion to the Overwatch League in 2019. This season has seen highs and lows for the Overwatch League in terms of consistent viewership but Blizzard have stressed time and again that the Overwatch League project is a long-term goal that requires consistent quality from all franchised teams within the league. With no promotion/elimination component for the teams in the Overwatch League, teams like the Shanghai Dragons, who failed to secure a win in the first season of OWL will still have a chance to redeem themselves in Season Two as they work to grow their team and add new components that will make them competitive down the stretch.

Where to bet

When it comes to Overwatch League betting, there’s an abundance of options on the table as you partake in betting on one of the most competitive eSports scenes in the game. Some of the best options to make live Overwatch League betting are listed below:


Esportsbetting.com offers a great variety of betting markets for Overwatch League and the Overwatch World Cup. Esportsbetting.com also offers an excellent live betting service with their free live streaming that makes in-game Overwatch League live betting so much easier. Risk free betting is always a perk of esportsbetting.com and their services as a betting site and streaming outlet are hard to match. Take advantage of their unique betting services as well as their streaming platform in a one-stop shop kind of website that has it all.


If you’re a new user looking for Overwatch action, Betway is always a solid option to get your Overwatch League live betting off the ground as you look for experience and success. Betway offers an excellent eSports provision with great odds and even better incentives for new players. Signing up with Betway is extremely user friendly and their incentives for matching your first bets without even putting down a deposit is impossible to pass up on. If you’re looking to dabble into some Overwatch betting and are curious as to where to get your start, Betway is always a solid option.

Finding the best odds

When it comes to Overwatch League betting, finding the best odds is a crucial factor in maximizing earnings for matchups that are just too close to decide. Obviously when it comes to upsets, it may be hard to go against the New York Excelsior as they dominate the league and make the parity of the competition hard to decipher.

For smaller, less risk averse bets it’s always a good option to keep track of the Overwatch League rumor mill on Twitter and any other social media at your disposal to know all of the possibilities that can happen before game time. For example, one of the most talked about matchups heading into Quarter Finals this year for the Overwatch League was the London Spitfire vs. Los Angeles Gladiators.

Since the pre-season, London Spitfire have failed to secure a win over the Los Angeles Gladiators on five different occasions. To make matters worse, in Stage Two London Spitfire traded one of their biggest assets to Los Angeles Gladiators and the intel he was able to relay to his new team whenever he encountered his old team was invaluable as they held a perfect 4-0 record against them at the end of the regular season.

Heading into playoffs, the forecast for a Los Angeles Gladiators series win was all but set in stone for Gladiators … until word got out that their best Tank player, Fissure, was having arguments with the team that were so corrosive, it led to him getting benched by a substitute who hadn’t played regular season Overwatch with his team since Stage One.

Needless to say the resulting break in team chemistry led to a dismal performance for Los Angeles Gladiators as they were swept in two back to back series, losing 3-0 each time. This unprecedented loss to the London Spitfire was a shock to almost the entire Overwatch League. But bettors savvy enough to know the proper information from the right outlets either via Twitter or Instagram would have been up to speed on identifying that weakness and making a move to bet on the London Spitfire with the revelation of the shocking roster move beforehand.

Obviously, not every bet you get to make for Overwatch League betting will be as crystal clear as the London Spitfire move. Even though they were in a slump before the series, the level of players on the roster were more than enough to get past a team in flux such as the Los Angeles Gladiators. If you’re looking for constant winners within the Overwatch League to look out for, New York Excelsior, Los Angeles Valiant and London Spitfire are almost always safe bets to eek out a victory when all other factors are equal.