Overwatch Live Esports Betting Guide

How to Overwatch: A noob friendly guide to Overwatch Live Betting

New to esports betting? Looking for an accurate and user-friendly way to make game-time decisions the smart way? Well this is just the guide for you! From the outside looking in, making informed decisions on Overwatch live betting can seem overwhelming. This quick and easy guide will give you everything you need to know about the state of Overwatch and offer the necessary tools to succeed and win big in an ever expanding professional scene.

Overwatch in a nutshell

At first glance, the bustling action in any typical Overwatch game can be difficult to follow when the surroundings aren’t familiar. In a typical Overwatch game, matches are decided between two groups of six players that occupy different heroes ranging from tank heroes that sop up damage and provide crowd control, to damage heroes that maneuver through maps in unique ways as they look to deal out as much damage possible.

An average ‘quick match’ is played on one map that can be rotated through four different game modes; Assault, Control, Escort or Hybrid maps. Each map functions differently as players not only focus on killing the enemy team but also attempt to defend or attack the specific objective in the game. On Assault maps, the defending team attempts to hold two different points on the map that must be taken within a certain time limit in order to advance in the map and win the game.

Escort maps function differently as they force both teams to play around a mobile objective, the payload, as they attempt to guide the payload from the inception point all the way to the other end of the map in order to win the game.

If the payload reaches its objective, the map is automatically won and the defending team switches sides. If the payload doesn’t reach its target, the initial attacking team must stop the payload at a sooner point in order to win the map and pull out the victory for their side.

Know your playmakers

When looking on the pros at their highest level of play, the Overwatch League is the prime destination to do so. Live betting for the Overwatch League, much like regular sports, is dictated off of star power.

For example, when all facets of play are equal, and two teams are equally as dangerous on a certain map, the more reliable carry player is usually the one to look at in order to bring their team the result. In the latest Stage of Overwatch League, SureFour of the LA Gladiators willed his team into winning situations that were brought on by his stellar play on one of the most in-demand heroes in the game, Widowmaker.

Knowing the matchups and anticipating which star player will shine brighter on a certain day is key to maximizing your live betting options. In the world of Overwatch live betting, clutchness is a virtue and knowing who to trust in big game situations is just as important as the stats you can find beforehand. Certain teams like the New York Excelsior and Los Angeles Valiant are so used to winning that anticipating for lower ranked teams to take certain maps off of them can be tricky, but looking for weak points for teams on websites like Winston’s Lab can help bridge the gap on those ‘surprises’ on game day.

Live games, Live streams!

No matter the scenario, there’s always ways to make the game exciting from a viewer and bettor perspective when using websites for Overwatch live betting. With each specific map in question, the room for error for even the most dominant teams are always up in the air given the variance in gameplay situations that could potentially expose weaknesses. In any given series within the Overwatch League, a typical set can be won and lost in transition as coaches and players work off one another to best their opponent.

When watching the games, typical streaming sites will only have the play-by-play and some stat lines that are relevant to betting, but the best sites for Overwatch live betting are always concerted around each and every detail that makes Overwatch League games tick.

Sites like Betway, esportsbetting.com, Bovada and Bwin are chock full of live stream Overwatch information and statistics that are relevant to all your betting result needs. Having these live streams are especially important in close series between similarly ranked teams as the eben flow of Overwatch League gaming can be difficult to capture with text updates alone.

Best options for Overwatch live betting


If you’re a new user looking for Overwatch action, Betway is always a solid option to get your Overwatch live betting off the ground as you look for experience and success. Betway offers an excellent eSports provision with great odds and even better incentives for new players. Signing up with Betway is extremely user friendly and their incentives for matching your first bets without even putting down a deposit is impossible to pass up on. If you’re looking to dabble into some Overwatch betting and are curious as to where to get your start, Betway is always a solid option.


When it comes to dedicated eSports betting websites, it’s hard to get over the selection and sheer amount of options that esportsbetting.com has to offer. Esportsbetting.com offers a great variety of betting markets for Overwatch League and the Overwatch World Cup. Esportsbetting.com also offers an excellent live betting service with their free live streaming that makes in-game Overwatch live betting so much easier. Risk free betting is always a perk of esportsbetting.com and their services as a betting site and streaming outlet are hard to match.


If you’re a sucker for variety and options in your eSports betting, it’s hard to pass up the vast markets of Arcanebet on any given game day. Arcanebet’s popularity with the CS:GO gaming community has carried over into the vast majority of eSports titles as League of Legends and Overwatch also have live betting options. Bigger selections, more markets and a wide variety of titles pull you in, and the sleek results and options force you to stay as Arcanebet pulls out all the stops for your Overwatch betting needs.

Now is the time

In this new era of eSports betting, the options for live game betting have never been more open and the ability to win big has also increased with that. Now that the Overwatch League and Contenders league have been put in place, the previous scavenging around for local tournaments and scouting for information on teams and players is a thing of the past. With just a few clicks, betting and winning on live Overwatch games has never been more manageable, and the options for odds and markets are as abundant as ever.

Whether you’re an avid gamer that’s into Overwatch with little betting experience, or an experienced bettor looking to make an endeavor into uncharted waters in eSports, the ability to get informed and stay on top of the constant changes affecting team performance on and off the stage has never been easier. With these websites and live streams at your disposal, the options to win and learn are limitless!