Rocket League Live Betting Guide – Reviews And All The Tips and Tricks You Need

Rocket League enjoyed the meteoric rise and is now one of the most popular video games. Its addition to the esports industry might have come as a surprise early on, but now we are certain that the game is here to stay. Rocket League Live Betting is a big esports thing and the number of professional players is constantly on the rise.

Bookmakers have quickly risen to the challenge and we have plenty of operators offering top odds and Rocket League live streaming options. This original game has established itself as a serious contender to traditional genres, such as RTS, FPS, MMORPGs and MOBAs.

Rocket League Gameplay

Rocket League is an immensely successful hybrid between a racing game and football. It is centered on rocket-powered cars that are used to hit a ball into the opponents’ goal. What began as an amusing concept, quickly became a popular esports and caught the eye of prominent bookmakers. Once the game found its way to their collections, it was only a matter of time until Rocket League Live Betting became popular. Punters can now bet in real-time on the winners of this fast-paced game.

Rocket League supports cross-platform play, so players can use Microsoft Windows powered PCs, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Professional players broadcast their games in real-time and there are plenty of people watching Rocket League streaming channels. Most of these games are played in multiplayer, but there’s no shortage of popular videos recorded in single player.

Inspired by the Battle-Cars videogame released in 2008, Rocket League greatly improved the concept and established itself as an esports. Not all bookies offer Rocket League in-play betting, but their number is on the rise. Placing bets before the match has started is a distinct possibility.

Rocket League In-play & Live Betting

The reason for why Rocket League Live Betting is so popular is the same for why in-play football betting has so many fans. Each goal scored changes the balance of power and can ultimately decide the outcome. Players enjoy the adrenaline rush of betting in real-time, knowing that things can change any second. Placing such bets without the perks of actually watching the game strips the activity of most of its fun nature. This explains why Rocket League live streaming and betting go hand in hand.

One can bet on the next goal, the winning team and everything in between. Betting live on Rocket League offers more opportunities than placing the same bets before the game. Leading bookmakers support both types of gambling, so punters can even combine them to maximize profits. For the untrained eye, in play betting on such a dynamic game can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why it is recommended to get familiar first with the game and even play a couple of matches to get a better idea of what it is all about.

The more important the competition, the bigger the selection of betting markets. That’s probably why most punters prefer to bet on live Rocket League games in major tournaments. It is even possible to bet on the outright winner of such a competition before kickoff.

Rocket League Live Streaming

This game was a relatively new addition to the list of esports at most of the leading bookmakers. That’s why not all operators offer Rocket League Live Betting and some limit players to pre-match wagers. Furthermore, there are many who don’t offer Rocket League streaming so it’s not possible to watch the games live. The good news is that there are plenty of streaming platforms out there that provide players with this option for free. Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are some options worth considering.

It goes without saying that players don’t need the aggravation of looking elsewhere for Rocket League live streaming when betting in real-time. There is intense competition between prominent bookmakers, so they go to great lengths to provide convenient solutions. Betway, Buff88, and Arcanebet all have live stream support for their esports. Members are just one click away from betting and can use the same platform to watch the games as they unfold.

The Best Rocket League Bookmakers

Punters who don’t want to compromise on their Rocket League in-play betting will try to find the best bookies for their game of choice. They are entitled to be demanding because this is a highly competitive industry and there are plenty of options. We recommend a few major operators with a proven track record and a reputation for paying eSport the attention they deserve.


Betway was one of the first established bookmakers to challenge its peers for the title of the leader of esports betting. They used their state-of-the-art platform to add new games and they were among the first to offer Rocket League Live Betting. It definitely helps that their streaming service is outstanding and punters can watch the games they bet on. Instead of switching to Twitch for Youtube whenever they place a bet, they can watch the game in the same window.

The 100% deposit bonus up to €30 they offered to new customers is a good incentive for Rocket League in-play betting fans.


Some words ring true for esports aficionados and Buff88 sounds like a particularly encouraging name for players. This licensed bookmaker who runs generous promotions and welcomes new players with a big bonus has a nice selection of esports. Betting live on Rocket League is possible here and they also broadcast the games in real-time. This means that you’ve got everything you need in one place, not to mention the competitive odds.


Esports betting is the main area of expertise of Arcanebet, a Bitcoin friendly bookmaker with exceptional odds. Rocket League Live Betting is one of their main strengths and punters who land on their website can expect a nice selection of markets. Whether they need to bet on the outright winner of the tournament, predict the outcome of individual matches or place special bets, they’ll get their wish at Arcanebet. There is no need to worry about where to find Rocket League streaming, because they also have this feature.

Join the bookmaker today and you’ll be eligible for a 150% bonus up to €200 in bonus money.

Rocket League in-Play Betting in a nutshell

We like to believe that this guide will help you find the best bookmakers to bet on live Rocket League games. This is a popular game with tremendous potential so we expect its popularity to only grow over the next couple of years. It might have been a late addition to the lineup of esports, but most of the leading bookmakers now offer this game. We are confident that many more will follow suit.

Keep in mind the bookies we recommend if you ever think about enjoying the thrills of live betting on popular video games. Their esports sections, top odds and incredible selection of markets will make your gaming experience memorable and hopefully profitable.